We are proud to be an active part of the local community, and we look to support wherever we can.

From our participation with the Institute of Directors to supporting education initiatives, charitable fundraising and sponsoring the arts- Prosperity 24.7 is honoured to fly the Jersey flag at a national and international level, and privileged to support and encourage grassroots developments.

Prosperity Day

Prosperity Day

On July 24th 2015, there are going to be two unique ways to raise money for charity, have a huge amount of fun whilst enabling corporates to vent their fury by settling a score in public, in safety and all for a brilliant cause – Prosperity Day – where all the details can be found.

Who wins?

Well, there are two sorts of winners over the course of the day. Firstly, our chosen pan Island Charities, we are aiming to raise £24,700 over the course of the day which will be split equally, secondly those that participate in the day will have memories for life:

Charity Logos Prosperity Day

The Institute of Directors

Participating on the main board and as Joint Chair on the Emerging Industry committee.

Jersey Enterprise

Assisting with Business Angel mentoring at the Business Incubator and acting as an ‘entrepreneur’ on the “Make Your Mark” educational scheme.

The British Computer Society

Fulfilling two roles on the Committee whilst also running and presenting at multiple events to enlighten and improve the professionalism of the local IT Community.

Blood Donation

To support this life-saving activity Prosperity 24.7 has amended their employee contracts so all Blood Donor appointments are conducted within company time. This makes it much easier to set up appointments, and demonstrates the commitment and encouragement of the company to this endeavour, in lieu of any formal corporate collection opportunity.

Jersey Autism

Condor Ferries Dragon Boat Racing. As part of the UK’s largest Dragon Boat event Prosperity 24.7 donates one of the top raffle prizes each year as well as entering a crew into the race- raising valuable sponsorship money at the same time for such a worthy cause.

We are particularly pleased this year to have become the first non-sports team entry to ever win the event- champions for 2013!

The One Foundation

This is a charitable organisation which supports local sports, culture and community projects. This makes a difference to individuals and communities all over the island. Support ranges from providing financial assistance to our island’s elite and up-and-coming athletes, musicians and artists to providing assistance to special needs groups and poverty intervention groups.

The One Foundation does a huge amount to make a real difference to all levels of all our island communities- effectively improving the lives of thousands of islanders. Prosperity 24.7 is honoured to be a key corporate sponsor for this organisation.

Plays Rough Theatre Group

Prosperity 24.7 are principal sponsors of the Plays Rough theatre group, who put on a monthly performance showcasing the talent of local playwrights, actors, poets and musicians.

This frequent event has spring-boarded several local plays to the West End of London, as well as encouraging first-timers to take the plunge into production and performance.

Student Mentoring : Victoria College

“Chris Clark worked with a team of students at Victoria College as a mentor as part of the first “Make Your Mark” scheme. Together they raised in excess of £8,600 for the charity, Autism Jersey, whilst raising the charities profile both in the local media and to 100 key people at a dinner and auction in December 2010 – this was fantastic and had a positive effect on 50 local families. He is assisting us again this year and has been acting as a career counsellor to some key, aspirational IT students”.

Will Gorman, Victoria College

Further updates regarding our work with Victoria College and Autism Jersey are available at http://www.prosperity247.com/2014/03/12/community-24-7-victoria-college-and-autism-jersey/


Advance to Work

Recruiting both long term unemployed and Advance to Work candidates to support the local economy.


96% of our vacancies have been filled by local talent- the starting place for all our recruitment needs.

Internal Training

We align our internal training regimes to ensure that all our staff, no matter at what operating level, are enrolled in initiatives to ensure that their skills are unsurpassed in the market.

Social Media

The team are keen evangelists of social media as a tool to further relationships in the wider digital community- sharing ideas, keeping up to date with the latest industry developments, advising on queries or problems, developing business ties across the world.

The team are represented on numerous groups- including Digital Jersey, Jersey Professional, Customer Experience Management, BCS Chartered Institute for IT Professionals, Microsoft Application Trainers, IT (Channel Islands), Back Up and Recovery Professionals, Citrix Web Community, Cloud Computing, Locate Jersey, Microsoft Partner Network, Advanced Business Analytics group and many more.