“Enabling Effective Change: Supporting Sustained Success”

We specialise in Strategic Thinking, Analysis and Governance, integrated with excellence in Programme and Project Management. This permeates and underpins everything we deliver for you.

The pace and importance of Change is ever growing. Keeping ahead of your competitors; keeping up with market innovations; maximising the returns for your Company and Shareholders can often be a daunting and costly prospect.

Prosperity 24.7 helps organisations with their change strategies and execution. From identifying and developing the best strategy to post-delivery aftercare- we offer a cradle-to-grave service that sees us develop trusted partner relationships with our clients.

Our expert consultants and analysts will help your company with your strategic projection; quantify and analyse current and future states; design the steps to change from current to future state; manage the steps to change from current to future states; ensure all relevant parties buy into the change and are educated / up-skilled on relevant specifics to ensure future state optimisation is maximised.

Strategic Direction

Keeping your organisation moving forward in a competitive and unpredictable market is a huge challenge. We engage with your organisation to fully understand your aims and challenges and deliver a road map over an agreed period with effective and measurable milestones. This enables you to clearly measure our joint successes in change. We can help… Read more »


An effective P3O (Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices) model provides operational efficiencies in the successful delivery of business change initiatives. It is an integral part to ensure: The strategies and performance requirements of an organisation are realised via projects, programmes and operational business units A joined-up set of outcomes and benefits is measured, managed, monitored… Read more »

Programme Management

Programme Management is defined as the co-ordinated organisation, direction and implementation of a portfolio of projects and activities. Together these activities achieve outcomes and realise benefits that are of strategic importance. A Programme exploits ‘economies of scale’- it makes the best use of resources and reduces risk and cost through co-ordination. Programmes connect the delivery… Read more »

Project Management

This is the discipline of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals- akin to the role of the Conductor in an orchestra. Project Management applies essential rigour to your development aspirations, providing controls over time, budget and scope. By using our dedicated resource you ensure your project gets the appropriate level of… Read more »

Business Analysis

Business Analysis identifies business needs, and determines the solutions to business problems through a variety of tools and techniques. Solutions may consist of policy, process and procedure improvements, organisational change or strategic planning and often include a systems development or systems implementation component. Our BA team have vast experience in asking the right questions to… Read more »

Change Management

Prosperity 24.7 delivers Change Management services that help you prepare and manage complex Business, Cultural and Organisational change. Our change management services can enable positive strategic outcomes, improved adaptability and embedding the change. Prosperity can increase success rates from transformation initiatives, improved stakeholder buy-in and commitment, and faster speed of transition. Our expert team can… Read more »

Business Intelligence

This is the methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information for business purposes- making numbers provide Actionable Insight. Business Intelligence allows the best set of data to be selected and processed to allow informed decision-making to take place. It allows you to truly understand all the data you… Read more »

Sales/Service Optimisation

Sales and Service Optimisation is the review, design and delivery of bespoke solutions to sales and service divisions. The objectives are fourfold: increase successful closure by BD teams by enabling them to pursue and qualify the right opportunities, increase volume and quality of prospects in a business development environment; lower wasted effort through service efficiency and increased consistency and thus… Read more »

Task Force Optimisation

By carefully balancing the skills of your employees against the inbound work requirements it is possible to efficiently streamline your workforce to liberate key resources to focus on more valuable activities, consistently and to a high quality threshold. If you are looking to restructure your organisation or change the type or volume of work being… Read more »

Training Strategy

A strategy is defined as a ‘plan of action designed to achieve a long term or an overall aim’. The overall aim for any training strategy is the creation and delivery of a high quality training programme that empowers and significantly increases the skill and/or knowledge of the business users. The training strategy should be… Read more »

Training Needs Analysis

Just throwing training at individuals may miss priority needs, or even cover areas that are not essential. TNA is the process of identifying gaps in knowledge or skills of the users. Effective TNA is particularly vital in today’s changing workplace as new technologies and flexible working practices are becoming widespread, leading to corresponding changes in… Read more »

Training Delivery Options

We will work with you to identify and deliver your training in the best possible way. This could be face-to-face or remotely, in groups or individually, at your place of work, at our training facility or in a preferred location. We will talk through your needs and discuss the relative merits of each delivery option… Read more »


Every project whether it be process change, implementation of a new line of business application or a change to the information workers’ environment (e.g. Microsoft Windows 10 and Office 2013) has a need for a strategic and effective training plan to ensure that your investment in change is realised not only by enabling your users to… Read more »