An effective P3O (Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices) model provides operational efficiencies in the successful delivery of business change initiatives.

It is an integral part to ensure:

  • The strategies and performance requirements of an organisation are realised via projects, programmes and operational business units
  • A joined-up set of outcomes and benefits is measured, managed, monitored and refined to ensure that optimal investment and strategic goals are achieved.

The benefits a PMO are:

  • Doing the right programme and projects – ensuring that business is investing on the things that matter, and focus is on delivering programme and projects that enable achievement of the corporate strategy.
  • Doing programmes and projects right – delivering programmes and projects consistently and well.

Without the involvement of a P3O model in strategic change management these goals may still be reached but in a fragmented or unstructured way. This can generate significant threats to the best use of scarce resources and achievement of required outcomes.

Our expert team can enable your business in:

  • Maintaining a ‘big picture’ understanding of the business change portfolio
  • Providing decision support to ensure to ensure the right programmes and projects are launched
  • Providing standards and processes to ensure consistency of delivery
  • Providing independent oversight, scrutiny and challenging to ensure things are done right
  • Providing assurance, coaching and mentoring to build a competent workforce capable of first-class programme and project delivery
  • Providing a ‘single source of truth’ reporting function to deliver effective Management Information
  • Improving organisational accountability, decision-making, transparency and visibility
  • Identifying, understanding and managing multiple and inter-dependent risks
  • Protecting revenue and spend, and enhancing value for money
  • Executing change more effectively and efficiently to improve programme and project delivery
  • Protecting reputation and stakeholder confidence