Vent your fury – Prosperity Day – 24.7.2015

On July 24th 2015, there were two unique ways to raise money for charity, have a huge amount of fun whilst enabling corporates to vent their fury by settling a score in public, in safety and all for a brilliant cause – Prosperity Day.

Over the course of the day 15 teams participated in the #VentYourFury Head to Head and 22 riders participated in the #FigureOfGr8 – the day was such a success for local charities and local businesses that we have already secured a space for July 22nd 2016.

If you participated, below is an infographic to demonstrate just how amazing you are and what an impact you have made:

Prosperity Day Final Hi-Res infographic

Donations can still be made to the event today:


All results and images from the day are available at the following links:

Team Performance:

The Grand Final:

Race 1:

Race 2:

Race 3:

Race 4:

Race 5:

Who do we need to thank?

Big_Maggys_Logo_BlackBig Maggy’s have been outstanding in their support for Prosperity Day, they have helped to source the Virtual Race hardware and software, are providing bikes for the day and are generally great people – should you wish to go crazy and buy a beautiful bike

BarannesBarannes are supporting us on the day by providing refreshing fruit smoothies to ease aching bones from incredible levels of exertion!

sure-logoSure are helping the Islands to connect, thanks to their 4G bandwidth which will ensure every business can track the efforts of their colleagues racing on the day.


JT provided remarkable support up to and on the day of Prosperity Day, providing robust fibre connectivity to Broad Street which in turn ensured the required bandwidth was available for all the highly connected technology on the day.


Bkool are helping Prosperity 24.7 to deliver such an incredibly innovative event – they provide outstanding Virtual Race technology globally –

RaceNationRace Nation are supporting our event by providing a fantastic platform that solves the problem of donating to multiple Channel Island charities.