"Integrating Technology and Business with Simplicity”

We understand organisations need to ensure that they are making the most effective and efficient use of technology infrastructure. Elements such as data centres, networks and mobile computing should be adding to the capabilities of your organisation- not limiting it. Add in to the mix converged networking technologies such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and the challenges and opportunities of new innovations such as cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) and you can be faced with a bewildering range of options when you look to develop.

Additional choices lie with the governance of the infrastructure- for example whether it is managed in-house or outsourced with a pro-active managed service.

Prosperity 24.7 can assist organisations to plan, architect, implement, manage and optimise their IT infrastructures across a wide range of technologies from our Vendor Certified Consultants.

Our successful Software Development Team specialise in System Integration, CRM and SharePoint deployment, Reporting Portal construction and bespoke software design. Their skills, experience and methodical attention to your business needs allow for agile delivery, shaped to your requirements.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of Intelligent Customer Engagement from Microsoft, it is the natural evolution and integration of Office 365, Dynamics CRM, and Navision. The motivating force behind everything Microsoft aspires to deliver is to empower customers, to make things better and make things happen, faster. Together with our customers and partners, Microsoft are reinventing business… Read more »

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Prosperity 24.7 are the market leading partner for Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the Channel Islands. Prosperity 24.7 deliver innovation with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a range of Industries and Clients, whether you need CRM deployed on premise or online we can help. Some of our greatest successes have been delivered in transforming the Public Sector –… Read more »


IoT – Internet of Things – is rapidly emerging as a game changing way of running services, businesses and facilities across the World.  According to Gartner approximately 26 billion devices will be connected to IoT by 2020. It’s about connecting people to things… IoT has the capability to deliver huge operational benefits to businesses across… Read more »

System Integration

System and software integration with current Line of Business (LOB) applications form an integral part of our offering. The integration of disparate systems in business is a common requirement and one which can be challenging. Our Business Solutions team has a broad base of expertise in this area with extensive knowledge centring on Dynamics CRM… Read more »

Bespoke Software Development

Modern off the shelf packages are often highly configurable and customisable, but you may still require a fresh and innovative solution, tailored to your specific needs. Bespoke software allows for this and can provide you with a key competitive advantage. At Prosperity 24.7, we believe that the key to a successful bespoke solution is close… Read more »

Analytics & Reporting

Transforming raw data into meaningful Insight can be a challenge, particularly when your data is stored in different locations. The data needs to be extracted, processed then displayed in such a way that patterns, trends and performance are immediately accessible and exceptions highlighted. Our experts help with manipulating, understanding and displaying data – whether that be in… Read more »


Our technical services consultants can assist you in your journey ‘to the cloud’. We have partnered with the top tier cloud providers across the Channel Islands to give you access to ‘The Cloud’, whether that is for a fully hosted solution or a ‘Disaster Recovery as a Service’ option to enable you to meet your… Read more »

Infrastructure Analysis

The speed of performance and amount data required to be stored and processed is increasing dramatically all the time. Keeping up with these requirements will ensure you maintain a competitive edge. Our team of experts have the skills and the real world knowledge to help you make a difference to your infrastructure. We will review… Read more »


Server, storage & networking virtualisation allows you to abstract your resources from their physical nature providing flexibility, elasticity & consolidation, whilst leveraging your existing skillset. Key to virtualisation is the ability to make your infrastructure simpler to manage, more efficient at what if can deliver & obviously less costly to run.  Address your business continuity… Read more »

Support & Maintenance

You’ve invested in state of the art infrastructure: how do you guarantee it is supported correctly and kept up to date, ensuring continued operation and performance? With our bespoke support and maintenance agreements you can be sure that your systems are always up to date and running exactly as they should be. Our consultants will… Read more »

Microsoft Technologies

There are a lot… Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, CRM, Active Directory, DFSR, DPM & System Centre to name but a few. Our consultants are experts when it comes to deploying these solutions, and due to our Microsoft partnerships we ratify our designs with Microsoft so you can have confidence you are always getting the best implementation…. Read more »

Service & Application delivery

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is becoming a key delivery point in your infrastructure- the ability to allow remote access to those applications that your users need most from any device they own. To this end we have at our disposal a vast array of solutions to meet all your needs, and the knowledge and… Read more »